Project list

Current projects

  • e-Health digital device project in India and Bangladesh
  • Digital skill development project in Bangladesh
  • Digital transformation of local governments in Japan

2015-2020 at University of Michigan

  • Field Experiment on the mindset change on punctuality in Bangladesh
  • Intangible gains through the international exposure of Rwandan and Bangladeshi in Japan
  • ICT and innovation capacity development in Rwanda
  • The diversity of aspirations for IT jobs in Asia (Bangladesh, Vietnam, and the Philippines)
  • How freelancing impacts IT engineers in developing countries?
  • Geographical Diversification in ICTD Research
  • Missing Piece in ICTD Research

2012-2015 at JICA Bangladesh Office

  • Project for Establishment of Clearning House for Integrating Transport Ticketing System in Dhaka City Area (Technical Cooperation)
  • Capacity Building on ITEE Management Project (Technical Cooperation)
  • Project for Capacity Building on Human Development Television (HDTV) Programmes (Technical Cooperation)
  • Project for Strengthening of solid waste management in Dhaka city (Technical Cooperation)
  • The Project for Provison of Solid Waste Management (Grant Aid)
  • Khulna Water Supply Project (Loan (cofinance with ADB))
  • Telecommunication Network Development Project (Loan)
  • Project for Advancing NRW reduction initiative (PANI) of Chittagong WASA (Technical Cooperation)
  • Project for Institutional Improvement and Advancing NRW reduction Initiative of Chittagong WASA(PANI-2) (Technical Cooperation)
  • Karnaphuli Water Supply Project Ph1 & Ph2 (Loan)
    カルナフリ上水道整備事業 フェーズ1&フェーズ2(円借款)

2010-2012 at JICA Headquarters: Economic Infrastructure Department

  • [Philippines] The Project for Developing Motor Vehicle Standards and Conformance (Technical Cooperation)
    フィリピン国 自動車型式認証プロジェクト(技術協力)
  • [Philippines] Advanced IT Human Resource Development Project (Technical Cooperation)
    フィリピン国 高度IT人材育成プロジェクト(技術協力)
  • [Fiji] ICT for Human Development and Human Security Project (Technical Cooperation)
    フィジー国 南太平洋大学 ICTキャパシティビルディング・プロジェクト(技術協力)
  • [Vietnam] The Project on Strengthening the capacity of ITSS education at Hanoi University of Technology Phase 2 (Technical Cooperation)
    ベトナム国 ハノイ工科大学ITSS教育能力強化プロジェクトフェーズ2(技術協力)
  • [Myanmar] The Project on ICT Human Resource Development at ICT Training Institute in the Union of Myanmar (Technical Cooperation)
    ミャンマー国 ソフトウェア及びネットワーク技術者育成プロジェクト(技術協力)
  • [Uganda] District and Urban Roads (DUR) Mapping and Roads Database Project (Technical Cooperation)
    ウガンダ共和国 地方道路地理情報システムデータベース整備及び運用体制構築プロジェクト(技術協力)
  • [Kosovo] Data Collection Survey on IT and Vocational Training in Kosovo (Survey)
    コソボ共和国 IT分野・職業訓練分野基礎情報収集・確認調査
  • [Pakistan] The Project for Rehabilitation of Medium Wave Radio Broadcasting Network (Grant Aid)
    パキスタン国 中波ラジオ放送網改修計画(無償資金協力)
  • [Afghanistan] Training on Television and Radio Equipment in RTA(Radio and Television Afghanistan)
    アフガニスタン国 RTAテレビ・ラジオ機材(国別研修)